1. When will my child receive their government funding?

A child born Will be eligible for government funding
1st April to 31st August 1st September Following a child’s 3rd birthday
(Autumn school term )
1st September to 31st December 1st January following a child’s 3rd birthday
( Spring school term)
1st January to 31st March 1st April following a child’s 3rd birthday
( Summer school term)

Please Note: Funding covers education only and additional meal charges may apply.

2. My child speaks English as a second language, how can I be sure you will understand them?

At Fullers Hall is important that children feel supported in using their mother tongue and are encouraged to continue to do this, although staff may not be able speak all languages they will ensure that many languages are displayed throughout the nursery, parent/ carers are asked to supply key words i.e. milk, water, mummy, daddy, toilet etc. before the your child is left with us. We also ask parent/carers to translate children’s favourite books into their home language.

3. What will I need to bring along with me?

Throughout the settling week there will be something’s you may need to provide us with: such as

  •     Nappies & wipes if used
  •     Any comforters
  •     Sun block & sun hat
  •     Wellington boots
  •     Rain coat
  •     Hat, scarf & gloves

4. How often can my child go outside?

At fullers hall we maintain a free flow system where children can access the garden throughout the day freely, children are able to make a choice of being indoors or outdoors and still have access to activities that promote all 7 areas of the EYFS. We are able to promote this through the use of a covered area in the garden where we can provide activity’s whatever the weather and also a covered sandpit that can be used as well.

5. What if me child requires medication?

We are able to administer prescribed medication after it has administered at home for 48 hours and there have been no adverse effects. We do administer long term medication such as asthma pumps etc, all medication needs to be clearly labelled with the child’s name and dosage on the bottle or what the medication will be kept in. FULLERS HALL DOES NOT ADMINISTOR NUROFEN, CALPOL OR AND TEMPRATURE CONTROLLING MEDICATION.

 6. What happens if I am late collecting my child?

In the event that you are unable to collect your child and have not called to inform us that someone will be coming to collect them with a previously agreed password, we will make every effort to contact the parent/carers in the first instance if however no contact can be made we will then contact emergency contacts the have previously been provided.

The nursery will remain open with two members of staff to ensure the safety and security of the child, if in the unlikely event we are unable to make contact with neither of the above sources we will than make contact with the children’s services department to agree the next course of action.

Children will not be allowed home with anyone that is not on their previously agreed enrolment form and if we have not been informed by the parent/carer.

Late fines apply please see parent hand book for charges that apply.

 7. How do you record my child’s progress?

We use a profile system which records your child’s learning and development; this is used by working alongside the new EYFS published in 2012. Parent/carers are asked to work alongside their child’s key worker using this profile to record how they feel their child is developing throughout their time at the nursery.


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